Scarce 1943 Punjab’s Mystic Code Translator

January 1st, 2012 by Tom
Punjabs Mystic Code Translator

Punjabs Mystic Code Translator from back cover of the 1943 Sears giveaway comic, Santa's Christmas Comic Variety Show.

One of the rarest of the vintage premium decoders is still relatively unknown even though it’s actually pictured in the Hake’s guides. It’s called Punjab’s Mystic Code Translator and it came on the back cover of a 1943 Christmas giveaway comic from Sears entitled Santa’s Christmas Comic Variety Show. It had to be cut out and then assembled which makes getting a complete one even more difficult. A real beauty from premium creators Sam and Gordon Gold. Photo courtesy of Richard Olsen.

The Premium Exchange #4 back cover

Back cover of The Premium Exchange #4 (1977) showing the back cover of the 1943 Sears giveaway.

By the way, the same decoder was featured on the back cover of the 1977 issue of The Premium Exchange #4.  I thought it was special even back then!

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