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August 17th, 2010 by Tom

This site is aimed specifically at collectors of premiums from vintage radio and early TV shows. Radio shows such as Captain Midnight, Jack Armstrong, the Lone Ranger, Sky King, Dick Tracy, Radio Orphan Annie, Green Hornet, Superman, Tarzan, Tom Mix and many others offered premiums via the airways to their young listeners. Many of the above shows continued to offer premiums after the switchover to television while picking up a few new shows offering items along the way: Space Patrol, Howdy Doody, Captain Video, etc. Premium collecting extends into items offered through the comic books, pulp magazines, gas stations, cereal boxes, movie serials, candy wrappers, Dixie lids, etc. of the period. This is what makes premium collecting so exciting- the more obscure the premium, the more it’s sought after.

Since premium collecting usually involves many of the characters mentioned above  and others, it’s only natural that many will zero in on items from specific characters to collect- even if they’re not technically “premiums”. It’s a fine line and many of us cross it.

Please take the time to register on our collector’s Forum and join us in discussing premiums and character items. We’re honored to have radio premium historian Larry Zdeb acting as the Forum moderator.

You may also want to register and use our free classifieds for items that are relevant to the theme of the site. Members can have up to 10 ads running at any given time and you can include pictures. The Classifieds registration is separate from that of the forum, so be sure and register for both.

Be sure and check out the Repro Alert section before buying. It just may save you some bucks!

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